Whoa There…

So coach, you’re just gonna dump your rules for living on us like that!!!??  And we should just abide by them blindly? I hear you say (or something shorter and more explicit!!). And you’d be right. As a coach, its not my role to impose my rules on you. The whole point of the coaching process is for you, the client, to shape and mould your own future. You set your own goals, and ultimately you are the one who is responsible for achieving them. In your world, your reality, your goals are unique to you. So if you want the latest phone, or shiny new car (despite what some bloke on the internet thinks), don’t just dream and procrastinate. Make it a reality.

So you have a goal.  And to some it may seem far fetched, and a fantasy.  Yet you believe it’s achievable. So then that is all that matters. Set you plan in progress. It has to be concrete, clear, and achievable. You have to plan the steps out step by step. Believe me, it helps to make the dream seem more of a reality when you can trace your progress. And have a realistic time frame. Be specific, try to get down to weeks, and days for big projects, rather than ‘sometime next year’ for example. Try not to be deterred by any barriers that block your way to your goal. Stop, review your progress, re-evaluate your options, and move on. The way to the end goal is rarely straightforward, a dead end is not The End. Ok, on to the next part…


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